How To Give Your Child a Festive Birthday Party Without Spending a Fortune

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Next to Christmas there is one event that tops children's minds and the causes them to ask "How much longer? How much longer???" with bouncy bodies and bright eyes. What is it? Their birthday, of course! In this Pinterest perfect world, however, birthday's have taken on a life of their own. While there are lots of great and amazing ways to make lasting impressions and give your child a day they'll always treasure on their birthday, there's also no need to go into debt over it! Here are our top suggestions for how to give your kid a festive birthday party without spending a fortune!

Planning a festive birthday party for your daughter

Ask Your Child What Their Birthday Would Look Like Have a little fun and dream up with your child what a perfect birthday would look like, giving them a heads up that this, for now, is "just for fun". While some kids might border on the extreme and elaborate other children will surprise you with how very simple their wishes really are. That child you were about to shell out hundreds of dollars for might want to just spend the day with you exploring or the one you were sure wanted a low key event may want to go out and do something fun.

After the daydream session you can take bits and pieces of your child's dream day and fit them into your budget and make them happen. For example, my daughter wanted to go out to her favorite arcade, eat out at all her favorite restaurants for every meal, AND get FroYo, all with friends in tow and cake and presents at home. I was easily able to remove just a few of the things while keeping the general feel of how a perfect day would happen for her and was able to make it a reality.

Creating memories for the perfect birthday party

Think Beyond the Birthday Party Packages If your child wants to go to a specific arcade, bouncy house, or entertainment center for their birthday, it doesn't mean you have to shell out the big bucks for a large group of guests. Inviting a bunch of kids to a party sounds like a good idea, but they tend to break out into little groups to do their own thing, so consider a best friend and sibling to celebrate at party place. When my daughter chose an arcade birthday last year, I gave her the option to invite one friend along and play more games for a longer amount of time. I also explained that there were only a handful of games that allowed more than two people to play so it would be hard to play with everyone. She chose to spend time with her best friend and they both had such a great time she only wants to choose one best friend to do something special to celebrate her birthday. 

Decorating a birthday party on a budget

Fun Decorations That Can Be Used Over and Over  Where I tend to splurge, is in party decorations. Of course, it's not really a big splurge because I reuse the decorations over and an over again! And having just a few quality pieces make that WOW for your party decorations. Even cake that you make yourself becomes fancy and special when you blow the candles out beneath a happy birthday banner and paper lanterns. These make any space instantly feel uber festive and all only require a few moments of your time so they're well worth the investment!

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