How To Host a Fun and Easy End of School Party

End of School Party party ideas


The school folders are starting to get packed full of items as teachers begin to clear out their classrooms and kids are already in countdown mode. Whether you're celebrating the end of the 2nd grade or a big milestone like graduating PreK, High School, or College, the end of May, beginning of June, brings happy faces and the perfect excuse to throw a party!

Here are a few things you can do to make hosting a fun and easy end of school party a breeze!

How To Host a Fun and Easy End of School Party

End of School Party

Place the Focus on the Food and Decor 


One of the most beautiful things about the school year ending is the sweet, unstructured time that summer brings. Instead of worrying about entertainment activities, embrace this with by focusing on the party decoration and food. This time of year the weather is usually beautiful just about everywhere, so use that to your advantage as well by encouraging guest to take the party outside. Children will enjoy unstructured playtime while teenagers and adults will savor the chance to chat, relax, and catch up.

Purchase Beautiful and Reusable Spring Colored Decor

When throwing a small bash it can be tempting to opt in for disposable items. You party will feel so much more upscale and you'll save money in the long run, however, when you opt for high-quality decor that can be used over and over again. Purchasing the items in bright spring colors means that you'll be more versatile and able to use them for an End of the School Year Celebration, Graduation, Mother's Day, Birthday Parties, a Baby Shower, or even a fancy Brunch!

Our favorite items to purchase include table cloths/runners, a Celebrate banner, Paper Lanterns, Balloons, Drink Dispenser, Fun serving pieces like bowls and candy dishes, and mats. By mixing and layering these together you can pull together a bright, chic look in no time!

Keep Food Simple & Mix Sweet with Salty

Even if food is going to be your main focus that doesn't mean it has to be fussy. A nice mix of sweet and salty finger foods like donuts, chips, pretzels, and candies will please any crowd. Have just one centerpiece item. This can be your tried and true favorite from scratch dessert or dip, or you can take the ultimate easy way out and pick something up at your local bakery and display it prettily on a stand, as long as it's delicious no one will complain! With such a mix of fun foods, you'll want to keep drinks light and simple. Spa Water in fun serving glasses, like mason jars with paper straws, are the perfect refreshing match to your munchies.

By following these tips you'll provide a real wow factor party with just an ounce of the stress for yourself, and plenty of time to sit, munch, and relax, too! Happy Summer!

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