A Fun & Festive Election Party

Election Day Party

election day party

Whether you love politics, love America, or just love a great excuse to party, throwing an election party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate our country and its freedoms. Here are ideas for how to make your party especially fun and festive this year! As with all our party plans, we'll hit up those main areas of decor, food, and entertainment!

Decor: Like all great patriotic occasions, you just can't beat the color scheme of Red, White, and Blue when celebrating all things America. You likely have plenty in your party stash, but if not this is a great time to purchase some reusable and high-quality decor. Pick pieces that will be versatile to use with every patriotic holiday, and also be sure to include those that can be used for any celebration. Smart purchases now will pay off in a big way later, and before long you'll have a great stash of entertaining decor that you can rely on again and again. A white tablecloth as a base, for example, is perfect for any party you might host. Red buckets are perfect for splashes of color and fun, and can also be used for nearly every special occasion. Paper Lanterns in Red, White, and Blue bring texture and celebration onto the table. Pair these with a patriotic banner,  miniature American Flags, star confetti, and paper fan medallions. A roll of "I Voted!" stickers can be used both as a simple but fun favor for guests and also a decoration. Keep the food platters simple and white, being sure to use a variety of different heights through pieces like cake stands to help create added depth and interest to your tablescape. Clear glasses pair with striped paper straws and disposable plates and napkins in the color scheme keep things pretty and practical.

i voted sugar cookies

Food: I Voted! Sugar cookies are the star of this party. To keep this simple find an individual or bakery near you that makes specialized cookies. If you love to bake, you can also follow this Classic Sugar Cookie recipe and create them yourself! For drinks, you can simply go with a classic red punch, or if you're feeling super impressive you can wow your guests with this Red, White, and Blue Layered Drink. To cover all additional food ask your guests to each bring their favorite American recipe to the party, letting them know there will be bragging rights involved.

red white and blue party decorations

Entertainment: Since the party will be focused on conversation and watching the election results, you'll want to keep the entertainment simple. An election party just wouldn't be the same, however, without voting! After everyone has eaten have them all vote for their favorite dish from the party. Send the winner home with their own set of Red, White, and Blue paper lanterns! For lulls in the action, make up a list of Presidential Trivia Questions for your guests to fill out. Or if you prefer you can simply share Fun Facts & Firsts about Presidents throughout the party.

Combine these three categories and you're in for a fun and festive Election Day Party that everyone will enjoy--no matter the election outcome!

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