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Here's a cute holiday party activity for the kids to make hot chocolate spoons; fun, easy and delicious!


chocolate cups


First, melt chocolate chips in the microwave. Takes about 30 seconds. Here we used our green treat cups and they held up fine for the microwave and melted chocolate.


melted chocolate spoons


Next, dip the spoons in the chocolate letting them cool for a bit between dips. We did this about 4 times then let cool for about 30 minutes. 


green treat cups with sprinkels


Our favorite candy dip was sprinkles. You can also dip the chocolate spoons in crushed up candy canes which makes a festive (and yummy) tasting hot chocolate. For best results, dip the spoon in the melted chocolate one more time then dip in the sprinkles. You may also want to sprinkle the toppings so that they cover completely. 

 hot chocolate spoons

Combine the spoons with a hot chocolate packet, marshmallows, and a candy cane, and you've got a festive activity for the kids.



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