Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party party ideas

When coming up with birthday party themes you can't go wrong with the iconic and lovable Mickey Mouse. From those cute ears to the great color scheme, Mickey Mouse is a great birthday party theme. Today we're bringing you tips and tricks for hosting a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party that's perfect for the young, or the young at heart!


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Decor & Food are the two big ticket items that people will remember the most about any party . We'll focus on how to make the most in these two areas, plus give you some great idea starters for entertainment options!

Decor: When you decide on a Mickey Mouse theme the color scheme should be immediately clear: Red, Black, and White. Base your party decor around them and you'll pull off a look that's both magical and fun.

As always, we recommend purchasing decor items that can be used over and over again. These colors are timeless and can be used for everything from Football Parties (Black and White) to Valentine's Day (Red & White or all three colors) so the investment in these items will pay off in just a few months.

Our best party planning secret is to focus your decor into one or two areas for the most impact. Create a focus area that will pull double duty by hanging up a black and white striped tablecloth. Next secure paper pinwheels across it for a banner feel. For your main focal point create a chandelier effect by hanging a cluster of red and white paper lanterns (you can now buy them individually here in a variety of colors!). Add a large Helium Mickey Mouse to the area and you have a perfect place for the guest of honor to unwrap their presents. Have a nearby box filled with fun Mickey Mouse inspired props like Mouse Ears. Let your  guests pose using the decor and the area instantly becomes a photo booth. At the end of the party let each guest pick out one prop to take home as their favor, and be sure to share the party photos from your "booth" through email or social media.

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The next area you'll want to focus on will be the tablescape. Make the party feel cohesive by using another striped black and white tablecloth. When planning a tablescape, being sure to have a variety of heights is important for visual appeal. Using fun cake platters in red, black, and white makes this easy. Red and White Paper Lanterns also double as perfect centerpieces and fill in the remainder of the table. Add a sprinkling of fun Mickey Mouse confetti and you're complete! That is, of course, except for....

Food: There is a good reason that cake and ice cream are party musts and we wholeheartedly suggest staying with these staples. One fun trend to try out, however, is serving both a smaller cake and cupcakes as well. This gives you a great centerpiece that candles can be blown out on, while also allowing for the ease of serving and eating that cupcakes provide. To balance out the sweets we suggest offering fresh and salty finger foods as well. A veggie tray is always a great idea, as are pretzels. Our favorite option, however, is freshly made guacamole and chips!mickey mouse birthday party

Entertainment: This theme covers such a huge age range that what you chose to do for the entertainment/games portion will really depend on your party! To get you started, however, here are some of our favorite ideas that work well for most age groups!

Put all this together and you're in for a magical party that will create memories that last forever!


To decorate this party we used Bobee's Red and White paper lanterns that you can purchase here:


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    Such cute ideas!!! Great for birthdays for all ages!!

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